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What is Trauma-Informed Care & Practice?

Unresolved Trauma is one of the common denominators in the majority of mental health conditions, substance/alcohol abuse, homelessness and a variety of additional adverse psychosocial, emotional, vocational and relational  conditions and outcomes.

Why Trauma-Informed Care & Practice Models?

The vast majority (over 90%) of individuals accessing community/social/disability services, youth services, mental health services, AOD services, family/domestic violence services and supported housing services have a complex trauma history.
Compasion Based Trauma-Informed Care & Practice

Welcome to Workplace Wellbeing Institute™ Compassion Based Trauma Resolution (CB-TR) Model of Trauma-Informed Care & Practice

This site is dedicated to the A.R.T. and Science of the  development, delivery and implementation of empirical and evidenced-based education, training, treatment, consultancy and advocacy of contemporary models of Trauma Resolution through a Compassion Based Model of Trauma-Informed Care & Practice (CB-TICP). Workplace Wellbeing Institute™ employs our Attachment Relational Therapeutic Model of Trauma-Informed Care & Practice (A.R.T.-TICP©).

A.R.T.-TICP© assists services, agencies, organisations and schools to effectively and compassionately work with, and support, individuals/students, families and communities who may have experienced complex trauma and or developmental trauma.

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